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4.8 stars | 58 reviews
Occupational Therapy
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Occupational Therapy

Improve Fine Motor Skills

Occupational therapy (OT) provides a host of benefits to children with disorders and impairments that hinder fine motor skills.
OT can help children thrive across all environments, including social and academic settings. Its holistic methods help children improve their physical and sensory skills to do things such as tie shoes, write neatly, and catch a ball.

Helping Children Succeed

Let’s Communicate - Pediatric Therapy Services employs enthusiastic, experienced, and motivated occupational therapists to work with your child. They work hand-in-hand with your child's support team (school teachers, case managers, caregivers, and pediatricians).
Successful OT can help children grow into independent adults.

OT Benefits Those:

  • On The Autism Spectrum
  • With ADD/ADHD
  • With Genetic Disorders And Down Syndrome
  • With Neurological Disorders
  • With Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • With Sensory-Motor Disorders & Sensory Integration Disorders
  • With Upper Extremity Injuries (Shoulder, Arm, & Hand)
  • With Developmental Disabilities

OT also provides benefits to children with fine motor delays, visual motor and visual perceptual delays, limited social skills, and poor handwriting and gross motor skills.

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4.8 stars | 58 reviews
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